Squatting 101
Squatting 101

Squatting 101

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Wednesday, May 24, 6:30 PM 

What are the BEST exercises for building nice strong, firm, well-rounded derrière? Does position of barbell make a difference? Is ass to grass the best choice/concept? Is wide or narrow stance better? Is toes turnout or toes forward best choice?
You read and hear so many opinions of what is BEST by self-proclaimed experts.  The truth is the RIGHT way to squat has to have an individualistic approach.  Bone structure, muscle imbalances, joint structure, ROM are just a few considerations when designing a good glute/leg program. 

Join me for this informative class where I will teach you to take a scientific approach to squatting and review the BEST options to build a butt better! You will also become more familiar with your limitations and musculoskeletal ailments needing to be addressed.  

This class is individualistic, therefore, very limited w/participants.  

Aside from assessments and education, we will also get a good workout! 

My credentials: Physical Therapy, NASM Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, over 20 years experience.