Forever Young Liquid Gold**AM and PM

Forever Young Liquid Gold**AM and PM

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This amazing serum can be used for end of day makeup remover. It in infused with organic coffee to promote decreased inflammation and has therapeutic grade doTERRA essential oils that will help minimize pores. 
it’s a must have to your daily skincare regimen. 🥰


How do I use this product and what has it done for my face?
I use it at night to remove any dirt and pollutants from the day. I apply extra where I see puffiness or where I want pore minimizing and skin tightening.
It’s infused with caffeine from organic coffee beans and has a significant amount of essential oils, one being the king Frankincense, hence the name: Liquid Gold
❤️🤴🏼👸🏻 ❤️



Due to inflation, prices of essential oils has increased resulting in slight increase of products. Thank you for your support.