Forever Young Hydrating Serum NEW FORMULA***Step one AM. PRE-PURCHASE

Forever Young Hydrating Serum NEW FORMULA***Step one AM. PRE-PURCHASE

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Hyaluronic Acid

Aloe Vera
Chamomile hydrosol
Cucumber hydrosol
Sodium lactate
Vitamin C

Essential oils: Rose, Sandlewood, Frankincense, Myrrh,   Helichrysum
Germal plus

Apply AM and PM while face is wet and do not dry 

Step 2: Hydrating Serum (after makeup/pollutant removal/Liquid Gold and cleansing)

How do I use this product?
After washing my face, I DO NOT DRY. I add the hydrating serum and allow water to be absorbed into my skin (hydrating). Note this is not a moisturizer. The difference between a hydrating serum and moisturizer is the hydrating serum draws water IN to the skin while the moisturizer LOCKS it in.
This serum includes many humectants with the king, hyaluronic acid, being the main ingredient (60%). Others include: aloe Vera, vitamin B5, urea, allantoin, calendula (reason it turns yellow), sodium lactate, vitamin C, cucumber extract, and many more...

What has this done for my face? The most evident change is it PLUMPED up my skin - including my lips! This helped minimize the appearance of wrinkles. 🤗 It also gave my face a RADIANT GLOW. 🥰 I massage this into my face, neck, breast line and hands. 😍😍

Note: if you live in a dry climate, there is no water in the air to allow this product to draw in hydration. I carry a Spray Mist (also available) and hydrate my face throughout the day. I take turns using the Cucumber Mist, Rose Mist, and Lavender Mist. 😍

Due to inflation, prices of essential oils has increased resulting in slight increase of products. 
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